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These photos are of the Descendents of Patrick and Wiley O'Quin Families of Johnson County North Carolina, and Buchannan County, Virginia.

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Rice SW O'Quin Gravesite
322Kb  (367 x 567)
Rice O'Quin Jr.  gravesite
Parkis Billy Compton - May 1999
s.o. Lacy V. O'Quin d.o. Harve O'Quin s.o. Rice S.W. O'Quin Jr.
Photo submitted by Linda Compton

219K   (542 x 482)

Burton O'Quin
s.o. Henry O'Quin and Laura James

Link to VA GenWeb Site

Lucinda O'Quin and William "Blue Bill" Combs
Lucinda was Rice's older sister.
photo c1885

Submitted by Michael Dye

james-robert & cosby coleman
272538 bytes (441x618)

Robert and Cosby Coleman James
Laura James O'Quin parents

photo c 1930
Submitted by Anne Lockard

17 Kb (690 x 982)
Issac Ross Coleman, Cosby Coleman's
photo c 1939
Submitted by Roger Coleman

coleman - james h and virginia jackson
527 Kb bytes (896 x 745)
James H. and Virginia Jackson Coleman
parents of Cosby and Issac Ross Coleman 

picture c 1900
Submitted by Roger Coleman

173 KByte (1025x690)

F: Bobby, Burton, Lacey and Arnold. 
B: Rita, Alice, Betty and Erma Jean

photo c 1990?
Submitted by Anne Lockard

oquin18.jpg  759 KByte (1205x829)
oquin18_hires.jpg  2901 KByte (2433x1613)

Ruby, Ona, Chloe, Vernie. 
Daughters of Henry O'Quin and Alta Deel

photo c 1990?
Submitted by Lily Tiller O'Quin

oquin19.jpg  1053 KByte (1429x925)
oquin19_hires.jpg  3981 KByte (2865x1849)

Ruby, Floyd, Ola, Ona, Chloe, Burton, Vernie
Children of Henry O'Quin, Alta Deel and Laura James

photo c 1990?
Submitted by Lily Tiller O'Quin

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