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1141571 bytes  1396 x 1011
Lily Tiller & Floyd O'Quin
1956, Sparta Ohio
When viewing the photos, a reduced size copy of the image, called a 'thumbnail,' is displayed in it's own panel of the page.  Immediately below each thumbnail is its file name, followed by the size of the file in bytes and the width & height in pixels.  (All B/W photos are in a 8 bit grayscale format.)  Then, just below the photo size is any additional subject information.  In some cases, e-mail or page links are indicated by a word or words (typically names) being underlined.  The color of the linked text will vary, depending upon your browser software settings.  

Note that links to other sites (or to this help page) will open a new browser window on your computer, leaving the original page open.  Just close the new window when you are through, and you will be back on the original page.

Thumbnail are used because they allow the photo pages to load quickly and allows you to see what's on the photo without downloading the full-sized image.  If you select either the thumbnail or the underlined file name, your browser will attempt to download and display the full-sized image on your computer. 

Depending upon the size of the image you are trying to download, and the speed of your Internet connection, downloading the full-size image could take several minutes (or more) to complete. 

After the image is completely displayed, you can save a copy to your local computer by Right-Clicking the image and selecting the "Save Image As" selection.   If you wish, you can download and save the image in one step by holding down the Shift key before selecting the thumbnail.

Last modified: 9 Jan 2002