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 If you are an O'Quin(n) or Tiller, please sign my guest book & let me know.  My parents have been digging into our family history & I'll be posting more info as time permits

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Lou O'Quin 
Gilbert ~ Arizona
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What about me?
I've a long background in Automatic Control Systems and Information Technology. In addition, I'm a woodworker, loudspeaker designer/builder, and am an avid Ohio State Football and Arizona Diamondback Fan.

Where did I come from & how did I get here?
I was born in north central Ohio, a bouncing twelve pound (plus) baby boy!  (Of course I played football...need you ask?)  I ended up moving to New Hampshire after 5 years of college and with a new wife.  After some 5 years in beautiful New England, we moved back to Ohio, and remained there for about 10 years.  During this time, we built a home in the woods, and began raising two daughters.  In '94, we made the leap (after I was caught in a layoff) and moved to Oh-So-Sunny Arizona, the land where asphalt DOES have a liquid state.  Throw in a divorce, finally finishing on my Bachelors Degree (in Computer Science) and a new marriage to a wonderful woman, and we've completed the journey.  By the way, my daughters were pretty amused with me taking the tests & writing the papers...

A funny thing...
When we moved back to Ohio from NH, we bought 6 acres in the woods, and I contracted (and did a LOT of the work, with a huge amount of family support) on a large post and beam house.  At the time I was working as a Project Engineer on several large projects at work.  It's just amazing; a few thousand dollars extra on a multi-million dollar project is just a drop in the bucket, but when you MUST stay on budget on your own home, you tend to think long and hard about spending just a fraction of that!